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The game is easy to understand and without requiring too much time to play.  All you need are a valid email address and a few minutes of your time (about 2 minutes on a weekly basis).  The game gives you the chance to compete against other humans from around the globe.  All matches on this site are free of charge as such you don't win any money.  It's just for the fun of the game.

This game is run as a hobby and is free to play but the Gamemaster may have to suspend the game temporarily or indefinitely without prior notice or warning.

Anyone wishing to join the game may do so by sending an email to the Gamemaster on

Join in today - it's free and always will be!

Free Teams: Inverness Caledonian Thistle

The Rules

1. At the beginning of the season, each manager is given 50 goals. 

2. The goals have to be cleverly distributed throughout the whole season. On a match day, each manager has to submit his goal bets.  The amount submitted will be deducted from the number of goals. 

3. The maximum bet for each match is 3 goals, while the minimum bet is 0 goals. However, all managers have 2 matches during the season where they can submit a 4 goal bet.

4. If a manager fails to submit the number of goals, then the bet will be taken as 0 goals, and as a penalty for not submitting the goal bets, 3 goals per match will be deducted from the remaining balance. 

5. The goal bets of a bot team [without a manager] will always be 1 goal per match.

6. Unused goals will NOT be carried forward to the next season.

7. A season consists of 9 weeks and each team will play 25 matches throughout the season.

8. If a manager fails to submit his bets for two consecutive weeks, he will be removed from the game.

9. If at the end of the season a team is still being managed by a caretaker manager, that team will have 6 points deducted from total points.

Other Game

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