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The Competition

The Europa League is a competition for those teams who in the previous season finished in the third and fourth positions in their respective league. The six teams will play in a league of four rounds.

The Rules

The rules of this competition are the following:

1. At the beginning of the season, each manager is given 35 goals.

2. The maximum and minimum goal bets for each match are the same as those of the league, namely 3 and 0 respectively, however, each manager has 1 match during the season where he can submit a 4 goal bet.

3. If a manager fails to submit the number of goals for each match, then the bet will be taken as 0 goals, and as a penalty for not submitting his goals, 2 goals per match will be deducted from his remaining balance.

4.  A season consists of 9 weeks and each team will play 20 matches throughout the season.

5. If a manager fails to submit his bets for two consecutive weeks, he will be removed from the game.

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